Ahlrada Ahn was a Tiste Edur warrior. He had trained with Trull Sengar and his preferred weapon was the Merude cutlass. He was left-handed which was rare amongst the Edur and used a short, wide-bladed knife in his other hand during close fighting. Ahlrada ceaselessly practised trapping opposing sword-blades and spearshafts with the quillons which sprouted from the bell-hilt of his cutlass and this had resulted in his left wrist being almost twice the size of his right.[1]

Ahlrada had dark eyes, his skin was darker than that of other Edur and there were colourless streaks in his long, unbound hair. It was unique to Ahlrada that shadow wraiths swarmed around him.[2]

In Midnight Tides Edit

Ahlrada Ahn participated in the Edur invasion of Lether as Trull Sengar's chosen captain although Trull thought that Ahlrada, whose eyes never met his, hated him for some unknown reason.[1]

When they came across a panel of stone with arcane symbols on it, Ahlrada reluctantly admitted to Trull that he had seen such symbols before, on the wall of an ice-berg, when he had still lived and hunted with the Den-Ratha, before the unification. Trull pondered that it was strange that the far-travelled Ahlrada, who had also opposed Hannan Mosag's wars of subjugation, wasn't his friend.[3]

During a battle against the Letherii, Ahlrada was wounded, a gash running from just bellow his left elbow up to his shoulder. Trull told him to seek a healer and to gather the warriors.[4]

Ahlrada told Trull that their sergeant, Canarth, intended to ask their leader, Fear Sengar, to give them a new commander and that he, Ahlrada, was not Trull's ally in this matter.[5]

When Trull mentioned that Ahlrada's mother had been a Bluerose slave, Ahlrada, in defiance, told him that the ruling class in Bluerose were of Tiste Andii descent and that the Edur version of what had happened when the Edur and the Andii had fought the K'Chain Che'Malle was a lie, that the Andii had been the ones who had been betrayed and that it had been Silchas Ruin who had been stabbed in the back by Scabandari Bloodeye. He also told Trull that the ghosts forced to fight on behalf of the Edur were infact the shades of the Andii who had fallen in that betrayal long ago. Ahlrada told Trull that the Bluerose were not as broken as he might think and that his own hatred was not so much for Trull but for all of the Edur.[6]

Ahlrada was amongst the warriors with Trull when the Edur and the Letherii clashed in a conflagration of sorcery and stopped the dazed Trull from going to the Edur camp, which had been struck, instead compelling him to move forward as the Edur were now attacking.[7]

Ahlrada was accused by Canarth of siding with Trull because of the blood of the betrayers in his veins. Ahlrada unsuccessfully tried to stop Trull and Canarth coming to blows.[8]

In The Bonehunters Edit

Ahlrada was described as a Tiste Andii spy amongst the Tiste Edur in the Dramatis Personae listing.[9]

Ahlrada was part of the Third Edur Imperial Fleet under Tomad Sengar, seeking champions to bring back to Letheras who would duel with the Emperor Rhulad Sengar. Whilst onboard the Hiroth bireme he remembered an old Bluerose tapestry which depicted some of the history of the Tiste as well that of the brothers Andarist, Anomandaris Purake and Silchas Ruin. It also illustrated the escape of the ancestors of the Onyx Order from their pursuers. Ahlrada then reminisced about the way the Bluerose Tiste had intermingled with the Edur, always watching them, using bleaches for the skin and secret gestures to communicate with other hidden Andii. Had it not been for the invasion of Lether, Ahlrada would have, one day, simply vanished to rejoin his people.[10]

Ahlrada was filled with regrets, haunted by the past as well as the present. Thinking about how he had been in charge of a company of Arapay warriors, sent out by the Emperor, Rhulad Sengar, to capture Fear and Udinaas and how, but for the intervention of Hannan Mosag, they would all have been executed for returning empty-handed, he now felt that maybe it would have been a kinder fate. Ahlrada thought back to the Shorning of Trull Sengar where he had been present as one of Rhulad Sengar's 'brothers' and even spoken against Trull. He bitterly regretted taking part and thought himself a coward for following Rhulad as he had always admired Trull and believed him to be innocent.[11]

Whilst onboard ship, he briefly questioned Taralack Veed when the Gral mentioned Anomander Rake in his hearing. Veed sensed hidden knowledge between Twilight and Ahlrada when the Atri-Preda introduced the warrior. Ahlrada told Veed that the Black-Winged Lord dwelt at the Gate of Darkness and found Veed's report of Rake having been defeated at Pale impossible to believe, however, he obviously recognised Veed's description of Rake.[12]

Ahlrada was tormented by thoughts of what had happened on the island of Sepik where the Edur, Ahlrada included, had committed genocide.[13]

Tomad Sengar sent an Edur expedition, which included Ahlrada, to take the Throne of Shadow as a test for Icarium who was one of the champions found but who had failed to impress Sengar so far. Ahlrada however had misgivings, fearing what the unleashing of Icarium might mean. He took up his place in the front line of the main body, welcomed by the other Edur warriors who felt emboldened by the presence of Spearbreaker. He was sixth through the gate to Drift Avalii where Shadowthrone fooled the Edur into thinking the throne destroyed. Ahlrada pointed out to the warlord Sathbaro Rangar that there was another throne to be won and the Edur and Icarium then made for the First Throne via another gate.[14][15]

During the march to where the gate would be opened, Ahlrada called out a rest and informed Veed and Icarium that they were nearly there. Once he had gone, Icarium commented that he thought Ahlrada commanded with honour, however, Veed called Ahlrada a fool who was playing at deceit. Once Veed had convinced Icarium that Ahlrada was bleaching his skin, the Jhag, too, could see the truth of it.[16] The Letherii Captain, Varat Taun, observed Ahlrada at the head of the column and as someone from Bluerose, also recognised Ahlrada's origins.[17]

Once the attack commenced, Ahlrada saw three of his men die before the warlord ordered the warriors back. Just then, Ahlrada saw just for a moment what seemed like a familiar figure ahead but could not stop Sathbaro deploying his sorcery. However, the sorcery failed and Ahlrada watched the warlord being killed by an undead demon. Ahlrada was about to attack the demon to protect his soldiers but Icarium stepped in and threw him backward. The demon recoiled before the advancing Icarium. As the Edur advanced, they spotted Trull Sengar amongst the defenders. Ahlrada was unable to move for a few moments but then acted on all his previous regrets and killed the two Edur attacking Trull. He asked Trull to be allowed to make amends and to fight at his side which Trull agreed to. Icarium awakened to his rage and began to killed Edur and defenders alike. Ahlrada, after having apologised for his part in Trull's shorning, joined Trull in attacking the enraged Jhag but was struck down by Icarium. Whilst the Jhag was diverted by Apt attacking him, Trull pulled Ahlrada's body inside the chamber of the First Throne where Ahlrada briefly regained consciousness and uttered the word 'home' before he died.[18] Later, Trull looked at his friends body and said:"Ahlrada Ahn. I do not understand you – I have never understood you – but I thank you nonetheless. I thank you…"[19]

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