Ahlrada Ahn by Puck

Interpretation of Ahlrada Ahn by Puck

Ahlrada Ahn was ostensibly a Tiste Edur however, unknown to the Edur, he was of Bluerose Tiste Andii descent, and one of their spies or "watchers" on them. Born the child of spies, he was thoroughly integrated into Edur culture but retained the legacy of his ancestry.

In House of Chains Edit

Ahlrada Ahn was present as one of Rhulad Sengar's 'brothers' at the Shorning of Trull and spoke against Trull.

In Midnight Tides Edit

Ahlrada Ahn participated in the Edur invasion of Lether as a part of Trull Sengar's squad.

In The Bonehunters Edit

Ahlrada always regretted his role in Trull's shorning and thought himself a coward for following Rhulad as he had always admired Trull and believed him to be innocent.

Ahlrada was sent as a part of the fleet under Tomad Sengar to find and bring to Letheras champions who could fight the Emperor Rhulad Sengar in one on one combat.[1]

He was later among the Edur expedition that tried to conquer the First Throne, which was being defended by Trull Sengar and Minala and her 'children' army along with a few T'lan Imass. Recognizing Trull, he acted on all his previous regrets and immediately killed those fighting alongside him and joined Trull in defending the children.[2]

When Icarium was awakened by the Edur to destroy the defenders, Ahlrada tried to stall the enraged Jhag but was killed by him.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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