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Seven Cities

The A'rath Forest was located just east of the city of Ehrlitan on the shores of the Otataral Sea. The waters offshore were known for sharks so large that even Dhenrabi left them alone.[1]

A coastal road led from Ehrlitan through the forest. At the forest's western edge, scattered villages of adobe dotted the road. They were built mostly on the inland side of the road as they did not exploit the resources of the sea.[2]

In House of ChainsEdit

The forest was the home of the retired Keeper, who lived in a limestone tower he built to hold his collection of fossils.[3] Karsa Orlong and Torvald Nom were washed ashore on the forest's coast and spent time with Keeper before traveling westward. On the road to Ehrlitan they were waylaid by the slaver, Silgar, and Arak tribesmen.[4]

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