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A'Karonys [Ah-Car-on-ees] was a High Mage for the Malazan Empire under Empress Laseen.[1] He was a short round man, who typically carried a burning staff which was taller than a spear and used to emit gouts of flames.[2] He was described as 'fire-wielder' which seemed to point to him using the Warren of Telas.[3]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

A'Karonys was from Kellanved's Empire, climbing up through the imperial ranks during the Falari Campaign. Like Nightchill and Bellurdan, he commanded a company of Adepts - back in the day when the empire could still form companies of mages. His forces were badly beaten in the Pan'potsun Odhan on Seven Cities due to a lack of support and instruction shortly after the assassination of Emperor Kellanved and Dancer.[4]

A'Karonys joined fellow High Mages Nightchill and Bellurdan on a hilltop near Moon's Spawn during the final battle of the Siege of Pale. During the assault, he was apparently killed by one of Anomander Rake's sorcerous Kurald Galain attacks.[5] Tattersail later thought that the attack had come from Tayschrenn.[6]

In Memories of Ice Edit

Dujek told Whiskeyjack that it was not Tayschrenn, but Nightchill who had killed the mage, because the latter had gone to Tayschrenn with his suspicions about her and her plan to wrest Dragnipur from Rake.[7]

In Night of KnivesEdit

Temper remembered the Siege of Y'Ghatan and seeing old man A'Karonys with a staff taller than he was. He remembered the mage lashing the walls with flames only to be countered by the Holy Falah'd.[8]

In Dancer's LamentEdit

A'Karonys already had a reputation as a terrifying mage of an older generation before the rise of the Malazan Empire. When Itko Kan Emperor Chulalorn the Third besieged Li Heng in the days of the Protectress, city mage Silk infiltrated the enemy camp. There he learned that none of the older generation of Kanese mages, such as A'Karonys or Jadeen of Traly, had accompanied the Kanese army.[9]

Notes and referencesEdit

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